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We live in a society of convenient socialists. You know the one who reminds you ‘how aloof you have been lately’ when you deny a party invitation. Suddenly your age becomes a barrier in your social chemical reaction when you are subjected to the criticism of “God. You’re old”

Increasingly more often than not, today’s new age generation have epiphanies of how life is so short and we must live to our fullest. Enters the self-indulgent race. The one who’s unapologetic about their achievements and desires.

Everything from leaving the home alone and ending up at a random host’s house with twenty other strangers to rallying and objecting the policies of the government, we are not afraid of anything. We believe in standing up for our rights in and out of our homes to supporting the flaw flaunting of our fellow strugglers, we are the extremist of the races on…

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