Un-awarded Custodian

A mother is responsible for taking care of her children. From bearing the pain of childbirth to bringing them up, fulfilling their every needs, a mother gives her full attention and support until they become independent.

In the absence of a mother, a father takes care of his children, keep them safe and sound.

But it doesnt effect the status quo of a mother. Whether the father is there or not , a mother is still responsible for her kids. Moreover, it worsens the situation, when she is a single parent.

Though, she doesn’t complain of the overload in her life. Balancing life and work and family. And she happily accepts the situation. But till when?

Aren’t the children needs to grow up and realise their path and destiny and become independent? How long will they be dependent on their mother?

Has she declared herself the involuntary custodian for her kids and grandkids?

Aren’t kids responsibility for their mother in their old age? Instead the kids would expect money in return for their time spend with their parents.

As if, the parents have become involuntary custodians for their kids. Their whole life is decidated to bear the responsibility of their kids and grand kids.

Giving something out of love, is a blessing for a child.

But asking money out of habit, shall become a curse, especially when they don’t need it.