Mind your voice

When you shout at someone, do you really think before acting to do so. Do you think, is it really necessary? You can shout at ur maid, your colleagues , your friends , your family, your juniors and your kids. Some can get passed.on. But some you cant really forget.

It’s just releasing your frustration and anger on someone. I do it too. I know it. But when other do that to.you, you feel sick in your guts, you wanna cry your eyes out( Sometimes we do that also…). However, sometimea it feels they are just deliberatly letting out their anger and frustration on you. Yesterday, I was already having a tough time figuring out new work place and tough working hours. Then suddenly my.senior called me and started shouting on me, on a reason every stupid.

You should something about my senior. She is one vicious lady. Very very hot headed. I can’t begine to explain how much she loves to shout…. she just loovves to shout…take out all her frustration on me. And its has not happened once but thrice.

There are some things which one should not do. Never never never…Shout at ur juniors, take out ur frustration because they are soon going to leave you and find another job.

I was already in bad mood. And the day ended worse.

If I could only go back to england and leave everyone behind. nobody shouted at me there. I miss it so much.

Lately, it seems I have become a punching bag. Everyone wants to dictate me according to them. Take out their frustration on me and belittle me as if I were the most stupid est person alive in this person.

Nobody understand what I want.Juniors, students , friends mother and so called superiors

I hate MRSPT.