Full-time Job. I should ask mom and others what does a full-time job feels like? Or what should it pretend to be? or What would it look like?

A pool of happiness, a chauffeur-driven car, a monthly salary of 50,000 and paid holidays when and where we feel like. why is she so negative? Yes, I know I need to take care of her? but cant she keeps a 24hr maid to take care of her. and my so-called friend he said tereko nikal chahte hoge,islye kharab time-table banaya. and dada and bhabhi and other friends are least concerned about what am I doing.

Re-acquaintance with an old friend


Virtue is moral excellence. A virtue is a trait or quality not everyone has. The incident I going to mention here today, will probably make me look stupid but I am still going to talk about it.

It’s been more than a year since I broke up with my friends over some stupid fight. None of us reconciled and we parted ways. Since, I haven’t had proper friends to talk to, or share my feeling like I used to before.

But last week, I met an old friend in my aerobics class. The moment she stepped in, and I looked at her, I forgot all the uneasiness between us and jumped with joy and said a resounding ‘hi’ to her and hugged her. But unlike me, she was brutally cold. She lifted her eyes from her phone and looked at me with a  blank, unmoved facial expression and said a cold “hi”. And then looked down again into her phone.

And this was before I hugged her. I felt so bad and stupid by hugging her. Obviously she didn’t hugged me back. To ease the awkwardness between us,  I started speaking, and asking her how has she been ? and how was her son? Last time we spoke, her son had some speech problem and had to be taken to meet a therapist. I asked is he well now? She replied he is doing fine and recovered well.  Getting a clue that she had no interest in conversation, I went inside the room for the class. But what happened earlier left a mark on me and her cold behavior hurt me very deeply. I was sad and upset. As the class started, I couldn’t control my emotions and tears rolled down my cheeks. But somehow I pulled myself together.

After the class finished, I saw her left early and standing on the gate. As I had to wait for my car too but to avoid her I chose to wait inside. Then, I saw her walk away, so I thought she must have left for her home. When I came out, didn’t saw my car, I decided to walk home. Then suddenly I noticed her, standing at the corner of the road talking to one of our common friends. I walked past them and they continue to talk as if they didn’t knew me.

The rest of the evening , and the next day and the next day went by.. sad and upset thinking about them. I was angry at them, of their cold and ignorant behavior, but more than that I was upset and angry with me. How could I be so stupid and talk to them? I showed courtesy, manners and politeness by talking to them. For old times sake.  But what did she do ? She deliberately ignored me.  She is a ruthless and selfish b*t*h, I have ever met. Hence, I decided to forget about her and move on with my life as they have, free of me!

I am a sweet, innocent girl and she will never be that lucky, to find a friend like me again. She blew that chance. Her loss. Even though, on some sad,depressed days, I do not  consider myself lucky but still I am lucky to have everything in my life.

Every incidence teaches us something. this incident taught me, don’t run after friends so you’re not left alone. Embrace your loneliness and silence.  The more we run after something, the farther it goes away.0_UgEV4bqhtH-a6VNI

To keep oneself upbeat, one has to think positively and be confident in his /her skin. So, that’s what I did. I thought to myself that there will be more new friends, more parties and hopefully less people coming and going out of my life. I cant let them pull me down again and again. I have got to let this fear go. The fear of being left alone. What if, I am left alone.  I am enough. I should be confident and rely on myself, none other. I should have confidence that whatever happens I will live according to my terms and conditions and will live lead a good, happy and satisfied life.

What if I am left alone? I will be more virtuous, more cautious in my life. I will work towards my betterment and my progress. I will stand up against wrong and bring right to everyone’s table. I have me and as soon as I accept that, the sooner I will be happy, away from the pain.

Happy Birthday to me

We always wish so many things on our birthday. We wish that we lose all our extra weight, we wish we get married, we wish that we get better salaries or jobs etc.

On my birthday, I do want to say these things…(because I haven’t yet achieved it ..lol, though I wish all these every day) but today I am going to wish that I remain happy, satisfied and healthy forever.

The Road Not Taken

Sunshiny SA Site

By Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Source  :  https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/the-road-not-taken-by-robert-frost

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A little about myself

I hate when he says do this and do that

I hate when he says he don’t loves me

I hate when he doesn’t reply to my messages

I hate when nobody asks me my opinion and suggestion

I hate when they give me too much responsibility

I hate when I am told I am not good enough for this job

I hate when I am not allowed to dream and roam around freely whenever and wherever I wish

I hate when I have to get out of bed when I want to sleep

I hate when I can’t sleep early and there is nothing to do

I hate when I feel sleepy there is so much to read and watch

I hate when everyone talks too loudly,

I hate when somebody tells me I talk very loudly, I should speak less and softly

I hate when I am told I m fat and this won’t fit me

I hate when many clothes are available in my size but they are too expensive to buy

I hate when young girls are even unhealthier than me

I hate when there are no friends available to hang out or go window shopping

I hate when my friends call me every other day to hang out or go to movies

I hate when someone else cooks food for me

I hate when I have to cook food.

This is me and my twin.


Marriageable age

15-things-every-single-girl-can-relate-to-12__880As you hit your thirties and you see your friends and relatives (even those younger to you) settling down, getting married, having kids. you wonder where did you go wrong. Why didn’t good things happen to you? Why I am not a part of this social gathering or society? Not only that, after a while parents start telling you that you didn’t wanna settle down that’s why you didn’t get married. Some old aunties and relatives suggest to get married to whomever you get hold of the first person, whether it be widower or divorcee. Because you see “beta, tumhari age hogayi tereko koi single ya acha ladka kaha milega”. ( because now you have aged, you won’t find a suitable match, a young single handsome rich guy as you expect). So it means, and they seriously suggest to leave your expectations behind and get married to anyone.

To these aunties, I want to respectfully yell at them, that “Did you marry off your sons and daughters to whatever family? Did you marry off your grandsons and granddaughters into poor families? Did they settle for less? Then why these stupid suggestions for me. Do you think I can’t speak for myself or scold you or answer you back? Or are you worried I am going to steal away your married son or grandson (not that I have any intention )with my spellbound charm and beauty?

If only my parents hadn’t taught me to respect elders and speak to them nicely( no matter how angry you are with them).

On the contrary, your friends tell you “arey tu enjoy kar apni single life. shadi mei rakha hai” ( you enjoy your single life while you can because after you get married you won’t be alone and enjoy your freedom. There is no advantage of getting married).

Well, really is that so! Then how come you rush off to marry the first guy you meet in college or workplace. Why you need to have kids? And if you’re so unhappy how come you post selfie pictures on your social media account everywhere. You seem very happy in your kitty parties, in your husband’s group parties, at your kid’s party and your friend’s kids’ party. Pictures don’t lie you b****!

Today, even if people ask me are you married ? or Why aren’t you married? I say when it’s about to happen it will. right now, I just want to concentrate on my career. Well, the fact is you can’t really ignore people, because you live in a society. Some may take pleasure in your pain, and some won’t. You just need to expect “won’t” people turning up in your life.

No matter what you are facing, be bold, be strong, have faith in God and Keep working hard.





Poetry & Beyond

We live in a society of convenient socialists. You know the one who reminds you ‘how aloof you have been lately’ when you deny a party invitation. Suddenly your age becomes a barrier in your social chemical reaction when you are subjected to the criticism of “God. You’re old”

Increasingly more often than not, today’s new age generation have epiphanies of how life is so short and we must live to our fullest. Enters the self-indulgent race. The one who’s unapologetic about their achievements and desires.

Everything from leaving the home alone and ending up at a random host’s house with twenty other strangers to rallying and objecting the policies of the government, we are not afraid of anything. We believe in standing up for our rights in and out of our homes to supporting the flaw flaunting of our fellow strugglers, we are the extremist of the races on…

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ARL Literary Awards 2018

Ashi Responding To Life

We are pleased to announce ARL Literary Awards

India is a
country of prodigious talent. Wordsmiths
of this country are legendary. Today as well authors with their astounding
writing skills enrapture readers in their writings.

ARL proudly
announces the first edition of the ARL Literary awards to recognise the work of
talented authors who have greatly contributed in the literary field with their
superior work and influenced millions of readers across the country. While
doing so these authors have toiled and have burned midnight oil.

 Their work has come to fruition with immenselove and appreciation from readers, we aim to further acknowledge andappreciate their effort and motivate and inspire them to present their readerswith more and more each day.

awards are unique in their approach as they are designed to not only honour the
authors work but also promote the author and his/her work on various platforms.

  1. Best…

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