‘NO’ Women


No, you can’t eat that, you’re too fat,

No, you can’t wear that, you’re bad,

No, you can’t play that sport, you’re not strong,

No, you can’t wear heels, you’re already tall,

No, you can’t spend money because you don’t earn,

No, you can’t shout like a man because you’re  a woman,

No, you can’t live alone, what will the society say,

No, you can’t laugh loudly because you’re a woman,

No, you can’t propose a man because you’re a woman,

No, you can’t travel alone because you’re a woman

If don’t get married, you will end up in hell,

You need to have children because you’re a women

No, you can’t say NO because you ARE a woman.

No, No, no…..so many Noo..s. Why there are so many nos for women?

and stop telling us you’re a woman, we know we are…

The society calls us weaker sex and hence put so many restrictions.

But don’t forget she undergoes extreme pain during childbirth,  she is the one who nurtures her family and children,

And when she has to, she fights for her family.

Society says we are putting restrictions on women for their own good. But the fact is, men are scared.

they are scared because they know if they give women the freedom they will fly head high and be independent and shine on their own.

And one day will come when women will not need a man to guide her, provide her security.

She will be the ruler of her own life and no longer will need a man.








Love me deep, Lover

I Wanna love u all night and f*** you all night. I am yours and yours only.

The other day when you asked me why are you smiling I was smiling because you were finally in front of me after so long and I didn’t wanted to hold myself back.

I wanted to hug and kiss you and touch you. Your caresses makes me yearn for you even more, your kiss wants me to take you with me on a ride of orgasms, your hardness wants me to take you in, your hug makes me vulnerable and putty in your arms so that I can merge myself with you in total embrace.

Your Truly

I don’t Care

Today, it’s my father’s death anniversary. it might be more than 26 yrs since he died. I can never forget that day. But I tend not to think too much about it.  And also, I already had so much on my mind.

I realized something today.  I can’t enjoy things as did before. or as much I did before.

I couldn’t enjoy the UK as I used to, if you tell me to go back there.i will frown. I enjoyed teaching, but now it has become a pain in the neck. I am enjoying chocolate so much but One day I won’t be able to enjoy it that much.

It can also mean that I am not as hardworking as I should be.

It means I cant enjoy things more than they are intended to. I will lose my toughness. I will lose interest. I will lose the best wishes from the people around me. All my life I will boast of nothing and nothingness will conquer me one day. I will have nothing in my heart. No wish, no happiness, and no sorrow. That day, I would have truly renounced the world. I do not wish to be born again in this world in any nature or living being. I want nirvana from life.

I can gain mastery of all but nobody can tell me I am there.

The reason being anything I got bored with things, or people expect too much from me and I can’t keep up with them or I don’t fulfill the expectations others have from me.

well, all the teachers had expectations of me. Be it my friends,my family, and my parents. now my colleagues. ANd I have been a disappointment to every single one of them. Purposely and purposely I have denied their expectations and

I say, welcome to the group. I will disappoint you and everyone else as long as I shall live. If you have problem with it. Go fuck yourself. I don’t care.

Mind your voice

When you shout at someone, do you really think before acting to do so. Do you think, is it really necessary? You can shout at ur maid, your colleagues , your friends , your family, your juniors and your kids. Some can get passed.on. But some you cant really forget.

It’s just releasing your frustration and anger on someone. I do it too. I know it. But when other do that to.you, you feel sick in your guts, you wanna cry your eyes out( Sometimes we do that also…). However, sometimea it feels they are just deliberatly letting out their anger and frustration on you. Yesterday, I was already having a tough time figuring out new work place and tough working hours. Then suddenly my.senior called me and started shouting on me, on a reason every stupid.

You should something about my senior. She is one vicious lady. Very very hot headed. I can’t begine to explain how much she loves to shout…. she just loovves to shout…take out all her frustration on me. And its has not happened once but thrice.

There are some things which one should not do. Never never never…Shout at ur juniors, take out ur frustration because they are soon going to leave you and find another job.

I was already in bad mood. And the day ended worse.

If I could only go back to england and leave everyone behind. nobody shouted at me there. I miss it so much.

Lately, it seems I have become a punching bag. Everyone wants to dictate me according to them. Take out their frustration on me and belittle me as if I were the most stupid est person alive in this person.

Nobody understand what I want.Juniors, students , friends mother and so called superiors

I hate MRSPT.

Un-awarded Custodian

A mother is responsible for taking care of her children. From bearing the pain of childbirth to bringing them up, fulfilling their every needs, a mother gives her full attention and support until they become independent.

In the absence of a mother, a father takes care of his children, keep them safe and sound.

But it doesnt effect the status quo of a mother. Whether the father is there or not , a mother is still responsible for her kids. Moreover, it worsens the situation, when she is a single parent.

Though, she doesn’t complain of the overload in her life. Balancing life and work and family. And she happily accepts the situation. But till when?

Aren’t the children needs to grow up and realise their path and destiny and become independent? How long will they be dependent on their mother?

Has she declared herself the involuntary custodian for her kids and grandkids?

Aren’t kids responsibility for their mother in their old age? Instead the kids would expect money in return for their time spend with their parents.

As if, the parents have become involuntary custodians for their kids. Their whole life is decidated to bear the responsibility of their kids and grand kids.

Giving something out of love, is a blessing for a child.

But asking money out of habit, shall become a curse, especially when they don’t need it.